Saturday, April 3, 2010


The other day I was thinking about the word insanity. 

You ask, "Really, Lori.  What were you thinking?"

I was thinking how the word insanity is used to describe people who are out of sanity...not in it.  You know?  in-sanity.  So, why don't they call it outsanity?

This thought then morphed me to thinking about one of the definitions of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Okay.  So none of the above seems too ground breaking.  What I felt is interesting is where my thoughts morphed next.

It would seem to me then that when one begins to think and feel differently about life (you know like consciously deciding to affirm certain new things about them self) while somehow expecting their life will not change or being surprised when their life begins to change, would also be a definition of insanity.

Okay, I could write more and expound on this idea.  Instead, I'll simply say, "think about it".

P.S.  I enjoyed the Wikipedia page for insanity.  I found it interesting they made the distinction that insanity is not a disease of the brain but a mind thing.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sensational Soul Food

I write as the L.A. Sightseeing Examiner for  I basically duplicate those articles in my blog, CaliforniVacation: SoCal Style, as your SoCal gal.  The intent and content for these venues is meant to be about places to go and/or things to do in the greater Los Angeles area.

I mention this because on March 24, 2010, I visited a venue almost literally in my own backyard...that's how close it is to where I live as I write this blog post.  This venue is South Bay Celebration Church, also the location for Teen Challenge Los Angeles.  I'm not going to take the space here to rewrite about this venue.  Instead, I'll simply this link, here, to the article if you weren't already directed to this blog from there knowing this is where I share some of the soul food Sheila Raye Charles dished up in her amazing testimonial.  Ms. Charles has an autobiography, Behind the Shades, and a music CD with the same name.

I feel Ms. Charles would agree that her main dish of the evening is the message, "God sees no evil in her or any of us."  We may see evil in our self or in other brother and sister children of God.  God does not.

So, what does God see?  Not simply that we are good, but straight on to seeing the perfect divine love intelligence in each one of us that we were created to be.

I loved Ms. Charles' side dish message which includes speaking about her stint in federal prison when she prayed and was answered by God, who she refers to as Big Daddy.  She mentions after feeling like she lost everything and she means everything as she goes through the list, she was puzzled about what God might possibly wish for her to give.  For indeed, God mentions God wants something from Ms. Charles.

What does God want?  God wants us to give up all of our pain to God.  God wants us to give up all of our mistaken ways we identify our self that aren't the same as the way God sees and identifies us.  Thus, in a way it is not even a matter of forgiveness.  God never has nor ever will see evil in us.  NOthing to forgive.  So give it up.

I was a little worried about what Ms. Charles mentions when it comes to homosexuals until she ended this side dish with a little helping of non-judgment and loving one another.  I mean if God sees Sheila Raye without evil (even after all she has done and been through), in other words divine; what if I saw her the same way?  What would there be about Sheila Raye for me not to love?  For that matter, if God sees Sheila Raye without evil, I feel fairly certain God must see me the same way.  What would there to about me then, for me not to love?  Can I?  Of course, I am capable.  Will I give up to God all the ways I currently think, feel or believe I am unlovable?  That's a whole 'nother can o'beans now isn't it?

I found it entertaining that Ms. Charles is so certain of her conversations with God and the way she regales these conversations.  It had me wondering a little about my self (who I like to think is definitely and willingly on the path of spirituality and being the best, most divine me I feel I am able to in any given moment) since I don't feel I have such overt interactions with the Creator of all.

Surprisingly and delightfully, a thought popped into my mind that I may not identify what I "hear" as the voice of God; but, I tend to feel that thoughts of things to do or insights I feel I receive (almost as if from left field, if you know what I mean), might just as easily be considered divine messages as Ms. Charles' conversations with God.

All of these soul dishes are very powerful messages in my opinion.  One last thing Sheila Raye mentioned that really got to me was when she shared God's plan for her.  Part of that plan she mentions (while using my own words and interpretation), is people will be lured to see her because they are curious about this daughter of Ray Charles, the famous, now departed from earth, blind singer.  Once in her presence, it is the perfect opportunity for God to speak through her his message of love for all of God's children.

This Bjork must admit she was definitely sucked into the plan...appreciatively and happily so.  I enjoyed every morsel of the tasty soul food served.  We are so loved.  We are so blessed.  Message received.  Mahalo, Sheila Raye.  Gracias, Dios!

How To Turn a Parking Ticket Into a Positive

On the last day of Winter, 2010, I went to Point Dume (pronounced doo-may) hoping I might snag a glimpse of a gray whale.  Point Dume in Malibu is said to be an excellent venue for such things.

Not only did I not see any gray whales, I got a parking ticket too.

I shouldn't be too upset about the ticket I told my self.  I know better.  I parked in a known "no parking" area because I didn't want to drive back down to the parking area on Westward Beach Road.  Plus, I told my self that where I parked looked as if I wasn't the first to park there and probably wouldn't be the last.  Not to mention I wasn't staying very long.  And the other myriad of all the justifications I played in my mind as to why it was okay to park in the no parking zone.

I am not too thrilled about paying the $50.  As I placed the ticket into my purse, I vowed there must be some way for me to "spin" this to my advantage as I move forward in my life.  How might I do that?

Ask the question.  I believe the Universe loves and supports us so much than an answer always shows up.  Maybe not right away.  Maybe not an answer I'll recognize or appreciate.  But an answer will present it self.

My answer to "how do I do that?" came in the form of "ask the question".  So I did.  "How can I turn this parking ticket into a positive?"

I attempt now to share the answer in a way I hope makes sense and may benefit others too.  In other words, if you are reading this I am going to assume you were directed to this blog because the words will enhance your life in some way or even answer a question you've asked of the Universe.

Here goes.

A ticket or citation, if you will, seems to be an effective motivator for people not to do something.  You know, if you do it (and get caught), you will be fined, ticketed, cited.  And if you ignore the citation, the fines pile up.  Soon what may have been alleviated by simply paying the ticket may turn into jail.

What if I used this same sort of system towards spiritual mastery?  Spiritual mastery begins with self discipline and self dominion over one's personal self consciousness.

Each of us is endowed with a Divine Right of Consciousness.  No one has ownership of what plays on the "screen of our mind (our consciousness)" but our self.  We have the ultimate final say over what we will allow to play on that screen.  What truths we will agree with.  What beliefs we will buy into.

You've probably heard it said before that doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is a definition of insanity.  Well, if you continue to hold the same vision on the screen of your mind while simultaneously hoping for different results in your life, I put it out there that this too is insanity.  Personal creation of our life's experiences begins with what we envision on the screen of our minds.  We have ultimate authority.

I know it sounds ominous, but every thought...every feeling matters.  We may know better.  We may feel others before us have thunk (you like that?) the same thoughts and gotten away with to speak.  But in the same way as a "no parking" sign and then parking there resulted in a citation, what if when we know thinking/feeling/visualizing our self as poor, ill, ugly, unloved, unblessed, unlucky (you get the gist I trust) only creates more of the same in our experience...well, what if we saw the result of such thoughts/feelings/visualizations as us receiving a ticket or citation with the fine being continued experience of the lies we tell our self regarding how we identify with our personal health, wealth, beauty, blessings, well-being and so on?

Thoughts matter.  Feelings matter.  They create.

The good news is that every moment is a new opportunity to clean the slate (so to speak) of the screen of your consciousness starting fresh with new visions and feelings of your self the way you desire your self to be.  There is a first time for everything.

We are spirit first.  Spirit made manifest.  Spirit in form.  Thoughts made manifest.  Feelings made manifest.  Thoughts into form.  Feelings into form.  Look to your screen of consciousness and make sure it only includes thoughts, feelings and visions of you and your life that are in alignment with how you wish to create your life until this becomes the life you manifest.  The more disciplined you are with this practice, the faster it may be expressed into manifestation.

While technically I feel there is no punishment in God consciousness, simply intepretation of what is on the screen of our own personal consciousness (why clarity and confidence are such wonderful practices)...if we know we (for instance) wish to create and experience unlimited abundance, the "no parking" zone for unlimited abundance would be thinking or feeling poor, poverty or scarcity.  If we park in that zone with our thoughts and feelings, the ticket or citation is that we can not experience wealth, riches or unlimited abundance we desire when we are parked in the unlimited abundance "no parking" zone.

Now if you find yourself in the unlimited abundance (to extend the metaphor) "no parking" zone, you immediately pay the fine (take responsibility and forgive yourself for this mistaken thinking/feeling/seeing) and move your vehicle to the unlimited abundance parking zone right away, the damage will be minimal.  Stay too long and pretty soon you succumb to the spiritual untruth of poverty.  It is as if you have been placed in poverty prison forgetting that you are the only with with the key to release your self.

Here is a side benefit that occurred to me from this experience.  You know how many times (myself included) we find ourselves saying we can't afford something?  I've often noticed that in a way the "I can't afford ____" statement is a cop-out.  If I really desire something and feel justified and deserving of having it, I somehow can afford that something.  I also noticed that when it comes to paying tickets and things like that which I feel "I have to do" (mostly because I am afraid of the consequences of not paying it), somehow I find the money even if I don't necessarily admit I can afford it.  I know somehow there is a way to apply this observation in a beneficial way.  Although, maybe this observation becomes a moot point when I am disciplined about staying out of the unlimited abundance no parking zone while living joyfully and firmly in the unlimited abundance free parking lot.

What if Lent is More Than Giving Up Chocolate?

This is a duplicate of a post from my Bjork's BLEEP Blog, which I am abandoning because there is some sort of glitch that immediately redirects someone who wants to read the post somewhere else.  Welcome to the reincarnation of Bjork's BLEEP Blog.

As I write this, tomorrow is Fat Tuesday aka Shrove Tuesday, 2010.  The day after lent begins.

Almost ten years ago when the book, "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz was published, I was right there buying my copy from my local bookstore.  Once in hand, I devoured every word.

Back then (and today) I felt if I simply followed the first agreement (be impeccable with your word with impeccable defined as without sin), not only did the first agreement seem to incorporate the other three, but my life had to change for the better.


For the most part, we can only think one thought at a time.  Every time I think about my self as being impeccable is a moment I am not thinking of my self as unimpeccable.   That probably sounds like a big, "DUH!"  Yet almost ten years later I realize how many of my thoughts of my self have been and continue to be unimpeccable in whatever way, shape or form.

Then in 2002 I made a written commitment to my self to become 100% impeccable in the way described in the book, "The Four Agreements".  I didn't really know how I would do this or how long it may take.  At the time, I also thought I somehow would not be allowed to consider my self...label...identify my self as impeccable until I was impeccable in manifestation 100% of the time.

In other words, I was functioning under the illusion that I look at the outer (physical manifestation) and review who I have been, what I've done, stuff like that.  Then in my mind if I wasn't perfect, I would not be allowed to declare my self impeccable without being considered a liar.

Since...I've come to realize (okay and granted I have no proof and can only speak for my self...yet I am so much more happy now than I have ever, something is working/helping.) as I stand firmly in the power of the present moment to affirm and agree with the truth of who I am in the sight of Divine Love Intelligence (and in the sight of Divine Love Intelligence I am now and always have been impeccable); this practice is what allows the Universe to make this so for me as my physical experience.

Get it?  I can't continue to affirm, "I am unimpeccable" and have the Universe manifest me as impeccable.

I also like to think of it like the following:  You tell someone you love them and they are awesome.  You honestly feel this way about them and believe this with all your heart and soul.  Yet the person you share this love and sentiment with doesn't believe you are being truthful with them.  Or you love your teenager.  You know they are awesome, beautiful and talented...a divine, child of God.  You know with all your heart and soul this is who they are.  Yet they just don't see it.  They just can't buy it.  It doesn't mean you are wrong about them.

There are mantras like "om namah shivaya", which means "God is in me as me".  Or quoting Rumi, "We are the ocean in the drop".  Or the Bible, "Be still and know that I AM GOD".  Our Creator knows we are divine, impeccable, without sin.  This is how our Creator created us, "In His Image".  This is how our Creator sees each of us.  Yet imagine if our Divine Creator was human, how it might be hurtful (and unimpeccable) every time we thought, saw, agreed, defined or identified our selves as something less than we are in Divine Truth?

About now you may be thinking, "Lori.  Lori Bjork.  Girl, what does that have to do with lent?"

I feel it is a safe statement to make that for most who still practice lent it has become a time to give up something for the lent season (in 2010 lent is 46 days ending with the celebration of Easter, Sunday, April 4th) as a way of honoring what Jesus gave up as he prepared to go through the death/resurrection prophecy.

What if through the years we stopped seeing the story of Jesus the Christ as allegory/metaphor and began taking it way too literally?

"What do you mean, Lori?"

Let's say for argument's sake that the truth is we are already 100% impeccable.  Not convinced this is the truth, when lent begins we currently find our self identifying our self as impeccable about 20% of the time (to use a random number for the sake of example).  This means the other 80% of our present moments we are technically committing "self identity theft" by thinking/feeling/declaring/agreeing we are something less than the truth or om namah shivaya, God in Us as Us, Divine, ocean in the drop.

Let's say for argument's sake that on Ash Wednesday (the first day of lent), we are fairly attached to this 80% of our identity.  Often we find ourselves saying things like, "I would never do that.  It's not who I am!"

Are you still with me?

Now if you are, what if the true intent of lent was to give up during this period of time (as much as we are capable or will allow our self) our thinking/feeling/declaring/agreeing about our self in unimpeccable ways?  After 46 days of being focused on replacing unimpeccable with impeccable, in theory, our self identity MUST change from what it was when lent began.  That old way of identifying our self would have to die and be let go of in order for more of our truthful, Divine self to resurrect in its place in our physical manifestation experience.

I offer the following from the Catholic Encyclopedia for your consideration, "the real aim of lent is, above all else, to prepare men for the celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ...the better the preparation, the more effective the celebration will be.  One can effectively relive the mystery only with purified mind and heart.  The purpose of lent is to provide the purification by weaning men from sin and selfishness through self-denial and prayer, by creating in them the desire to do God's will and to make His Kingdom come by making it come first in all of their hearts."

What if God's will is simply for us to identify us, our selves, as the amazing, blessed, beautiful, magnificent, wonderful, impeccable, children of God, healthy, wealthy, Well-Beings we are in truth?

What if instead of being afraid to let go of our "less than" self images feeling we must do this or that to "get better", all we ever had to do is be, declare and agree with the truth of who we are as Divine, impeccable, Children of God?  Because we declared it and agreed with it in consciousness, the laws of the Universe must make it so for us in manifestation?

I thought about all of this last lent season.  I set the intention to practice lent 2009 being more impeccable in every present moment.  I declared the image of the Laughing Buddha as my touchstone.  After all, I find it is a little bit funny or laughable that what I have been striving to be is who I always am and have been.  I also thought that this Buddha, upon achieving enlightenment, had to laugh (or else he'd cry) knowing how easy enlightenment may have been had he trusted in his true self-identity.

I'll be honest, in 2009 I didn't last all lent.  Maybe about two weeks.  And if I remember correctly, I only caught about 10% of my unimpeccable thoughts/agreements/ways I self identified me as "less than" the truth of my Divine self (spirit made manifest, spiritual being having human experiences).

I also had a simple mantra for my lent practice.

     "Thank You, God, for restoring me to the impeccability from which I emanated."

This year I added a mantra to my practice, which I say before the appreciation mantra.

     "I am the Glory of God in perfect expression in body, mind, emotion and Spirit."

It has been estimated we have about 60,000 thoughts per day.  If all you did was repeat this mantra once an hour 12 hours of each day...well, that may be 12 more times a day affirming, agreeing and declaring your true identity to the Universe than you had been.  And it is 12 more times a day when you are not affirming something negative about your self.

I don't know about you, but I find it exciting to think that this practice of giving up some of my unimpeccable self for the next 46 days of lent is not only harmless, but empowering.  And it won't cost one legal tender cent.  Only time and focus to change one's personal self consciousness.  Sounds like a win/win to me.  Sounds like a reason to celebrate my newly resurrected self Identity when Easter comes to pass.

P.S.  The Laughing Buddha photo is not one of my own.  Click the Laughing Buddha link above for photo credit.  Thank you.

Friday, January 8, 2010


The other day I wrote a blog post which included me writing about "ars gratia artis".  These are three of those dead language words aka latin which are translated as "arts for arts sake".  The work is complete in itself.

I mention this because when I created the photo I include with this blog, it was really for me and mostly by accident.  I mean yes, I had my camera and I pointed it at this subject matter.  Yet it still seems like some of it is pure luck and I most likely could not create this exact photo again.  Okay, maybe I just need some self-esteem medication or some medication.

What I am getting at is I would have taken the photo anyway.  I am thrilled with it and was happy to use it with my L.A. Sightseeing Examiner article I did about Gandhi's birthday.  So when I found out this photo was chosen to be included in the Schmap Los Angeles Guide's Ninth Edition, well that was pure gravy my friend.  And I have to say it tasted soooo goooooood.

Then my wonderful part of me that is my mind took an interesting turn as I thought about this chain of events.  Why am I so willing to blindly believe that in the sarcophogus (depicted in the above photo) are some of the ashes from Mahatma Gandhi's physical body?

That question isn't even really my true debate and why this seemed perfect as a tasty dish of some mind cuisine to blog about.  To me the tasty dish is what showed up next.  While for the most part I feel I could make a pretty good argument as to why whether I believe Gandhi's ashes are in the sarcophagus or not most likely doesn't effect the quality of my life too much; there are probably a huge amount of other beliefs I have simply ingested as truth without proof that would potentially have a massive impact on the quality of my life.

I'm trying to think of a for instance.  C'mon!  I know there must be one in there somewhere.  Okay, one showed up but...okay, I guess I'll use it.  If you masturbate too much you'll go blind.  Wait!  Here's a better one.  All the parents who have convinced their children that they can get sick from being cold.  Science has proven this is a falsehood.  Yet, the mind controls the body and if you believe it to be so.  So be it!

Then my mind went one step further.  How can I explain this as succinctly as possible?  There were a lot of things I used to do to prove to myself that I was spiritual.  That I was good.  That I was good enough.  I'm not sure good enough for what, but good enough.  That was until the day I found out that there is absolutely nothing I can do to prove I am spiritual.  Okay, wait!  There is absolutely nothing I need to do to prove I am spiritual or to feel more spiritual or to be more spiritual.  Spiritual is who I AM by divine definition.

This truth really rocked my world.  It truly proved to me the truth that all men and women are created equal...equal in the eyes of Divine Love Intelligence (Agape's way of saying "God").  The same, yet different.  All endowed with the same tools, yet expressing them uniquely.

This got me to thinking things like when I see someone driving a Mercedes, I used to have the immediate connection that this means they must be rich.  And sadly, a sort of corollary affirmation that since I don't drive a Mercedes that I am not rich.  Again, driving a Mercedes doesn't necessarily prove one way or another that someone is rich.  For that matter not driving a Mercedes doesn't necessarily prove one way or another that someone is not rich.  All it really proves is that particular child of Divine Love Intelligence is driving a Mercedes at this particular moment in space/time.

It also got me to thinking that if I am just as spiritual as you are or conversely you are just as spiritual as I am and there can be no "more spiritual" or "less spiritual" beings ever, which means if you think of the most spiritual being EVER you can think of...well, you are as spiritual as that being is.  You always will be.  Amen.

It also got me to thinking that technically there can be no degrees of wealth.  Simply different ways of defining and expressing.  Think of the wealthiest person you can think of.  From the standpoint of spiritual truth that person is no more or less wealthy than you except that you believe it to be true.  They are the same as you simply expressing differently.  Sort of levels the playing field, eh?

I love when I enjoy these sorts of "ars gratia artis" mind cuisine dishes.  And if my sharing these dishes with cyberspace satisfies anothers mind cuisine appetite in some way...well, you just know I am going to enjoy that "gravy" with joy, love, appreciation and most importantly...guilt-free.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"I've never felt so ugly!"

One of my niece's really had me going as her and her sisters broadcasted via Facebook how sexy she was looking in her Halloween costume and how she was going to drive all the men at work wild, etc.  Only later to find via picture and comment she'd dressed up like Ugly Betty proclaiming, "I've never felt so ugly!"

Now maybe she really didn't feel ugly and it was simply a play on words since she'd dressed up as Ugly Betty.  Yet, my mind went to a place where it thought about how technically in the eyes of divine love we are beautiful unconditionally.  You know?  Without condition.  This means always and forever no matter how we may convince ourself we look ugly, Divine Love says truth is, "it just ain't so!"

So in a way it is as if ugly doesn't exist in divine mind since divine mind doesn't judge degrees of beauty or beautiful/ugly.  All is simply, equally, non-judged beautiful.

With this in mind I thought about how in a way it is almost as if the costume she donned had magical powers by affording it the ability to somehow change her from her beautiful self into something that is ugly.

It made me think do I really want to give something outside of myself that much power.  I know I have in the past.  I probably will again in the future.  What I hope is that if I find myself doing so in the future that I won't give into the power for long before I remember this Ugly Betty moment.

I believe it was Madonna during her Vogue period who sang, "Beauty is where you find it."  Well, this is me during the Ugly Betty period proclaiming in every Ugly Betty is the heart, mind and truth that she's really Beautiful Betty if she has the vision to see this is her truth.

Now that's divine!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who's writing whom?

It's Halloween today.  Think of something clever and pretend I wrote it here.

I am writing three different blog posts (this is one of them) about my recent trip to Holy Cross Cemetery, which I visited in honor of Halloween.

As I was walking through the main building, which houses the chapel and the remains of John Candy and Fred MacMurray among other resident remains, all sorts of thoughts and questions began running through my mind that might be interesting to include in a blog post about cemetaries and death. 

That's when the thought which inspired this blog came through.  Was I really writing the blog post or was it writing me?

I don't have a definitive answer.  That's the cuisine of this post.  Think about it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mind Barometer

I don't watch and/or listen to the news on TV much anymore unless it happens to be on and I am too lazy to change the channel.

As I was walking into my living room I heard the tail end of a report they were doing about romantic relationship longevity.  They mention that it appears helpful if the man is at least five years older than the woman like with Beyonce and JayZ.  JayZ is 11 years older or something like that.

And it is helpful if the woman is smarter than the man.  Beyonce has a high school education and JayZ didn't graduate.

And I know I am going out a bit on a limb by mentioning this but I've long thought I would at least get the controversy P.R. if I wrote a book on the myth of formal education. 

We all know Bill Gates didn't finish college.  Will Smith and Johnny Depp didn't finish high school.

And seriously, with the advent of the internet if there is something someone wants to know how to do and succeed, it is pretty easy to find out how without a college degree.  Now I am not saying a college degree isn't worthwhile or helpful depending on what you want to do as a career.

To me the harm is when the fear gets spread that without a college career you can't be successful or earn a lot of money.  And how careful we have to be about buying these types of propaganda and allowing them to keep us from feeling we have value if we don't have one.

With this in mind, I offer the tasty little mind dish below.

Brad Yates' Video - Your True Value

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Salivating at the Bell

I really enjoy the CBS show (and no they don't pay me...I will be sure to be ethical and say I'm being paid directly to write about something, especially if I love it) The Big Bang Theory.  Wow!  It has its own wiki page.

My favorite episode so far is the one in which Penny lets Sheldon know she has a Christmas present for him.  Sheldon is not too pleased about this, especially since he now feels obligated to get her something and he's not sure what that is.  Anyhow, craziness ensues, especially when Sheldon finds out what his gift is.  One of my...seriously...all time favorite sitcom episodes of all time.  And as I write this I am almost 50 and watch a lot of TV.

I bring up the show because the episode titled, "Chocolate?" from this new Season (as I write this, Season 3) has Leonard, Penny and Sheldon sitting on the couch together with Sheldon offering Penny chocolates from a box of chocolates.  Initially, we get the impression Sheldon is simply trying to be nice to Penny and she happily agrees to take and eat a chocolate every time Sheldon offers her one.  Only to find out that Sheldon is actually using Pavlov's theory to elicit desired behavior from Penny.  Hilarity ensues.  Yada. Yada.

I bring it up because sometimes I feel like the majority of us are conditioned and can easily be conditioned when money gets added to the mix.  For instance, Mona Vie.  The marketing for this product isn't so much about the benefits of the actual product but the benefit of how you can make a lot of money selling this product.  It just seems it may be a slippery slope when the main reason to sell something is because of all the money you will make.

Yet it seems to be effective as many people are willing to sign up salivating at the sound of the metaphorical bell that is the opportunity to make money.

Of course, what's cuisine to one may be seemingly unpalatable to another.  I simply offer it up people.

Real Estate Valuation

So, I'm a little behind on my weekly post for my t-shirt designer blog.  To make my self feel better, I started thinking that in the big picture (since all but about one of my blogs is less than a month old) by the time most people who will read my blog get around to won't really matter whether I was technically "on time" or not.  They'll all be there nice and archived and ready for their reading pleasure.

This morphed my thinking to internet real estate traffic.  With internet real estate traffic more is just more and better and valuable. 

The words I am writing now that my mom probably isn't even going to read (get it? not a lot of traffic) are worth nothing except that I found them worthy enough in my mind to write about.  Yet a year from now if I (however it happens) become some sort of blogging celebrity Goddess that people can't get enough of what I've done so far and what I am about to do; these same words I am writing now just may be worth a billion times more than what they are worth as I write them.

With residential real estate, less is more.  The less traffic by your property and in your neighborhood (especially in a bigger city) the more desirable and the more valuable your property is.

What?  Did I hear someone say a billion times nothing is still nothing?  You know how I feel about math.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Uniforms and Badges

The other day, I am a little ashamed to say (although shame is technically a useless emotion when it comes to well-being), I was driving to bring my recyclables to the recycle center and I passed a man about to go into a convenience store.

Okay, I just read that sentence and you would think I was ashamed to pass a man going into a convenience store.  Or maybe it's the start of some joke. I passed a man going into a convenience store... (and what does this have to do with uniforms and badges?)

I was surprised to find my knee-jerk judgment of this man as being a "hood", whatever that is.

First, do I really know what a "hood" is?  Is it in the dictionary?  Does it have a wiki page?  Okay, no wiki page, but the urban dictionary does offer a definition.

Second, while I had some sort of awareness and nebulous idea of what "hood" is before checking out the urban dictionary, I had to ask myself what it was that made me make this judgment, especially since I'd just noticed a woman walk into the same convenience store and offered no such judgment.

The least for me...what he was wearing.

My next thought: "How sad is that?"

It got me to thinking about our choices of clothing as a statement to the extent that it could be considered a uniform and the box, perhaps unknowingly, we can place ourselves in by doing so.  You know, in regards to freedom.

And is freedom...true, 100% unbridled freedom really possible or is it just as nebulous as my idea of "hood"? Or some sort of dangled ideal that keeps us fighting to protect it even though it seems near impossible to be or experience?

It got me thinking about people, such as celebrities who we idolize and feel must have perks us mere mortals don't possess (and what a slippery slope it is if we really buy into this type of belief), really don't have 100% freedom.  We judge them mercilessly.  We expect them to act and look a certain way, especially when it comes to award shows.  Actually, if you think of shows like TMZ, which might I say that I watch.  I call it my crack TV, 'cuz I know it probably isn't good for me but I am hooked and must watch. They almost have to be "on" all the time 'cuz they never know where a lens might be to capture their "screw up" or perceived fashion faux pas.

Then it got me to thinking about uniforms and badges.  Do they serve a purpose?  And like any awesome attorney worth their hourly fee, I feel one could argue both sides with equal fervor.

Without saying a word, a uniform and badge (and what first comes to mind is a police/peace officer), lets us know that this is someone who has sworn to serve and protect us.  Okay, as I write this I am getting a little worked up 'cuz who are they protecting me from?  Myself!  I grew up in the era where I didn't have to wear seat belts or bike helmets and the like.  If I died or got hurt, then its on me.  Wow!  Speak about freedom.  I don't want the law telling me "I MUST!"  Where is the freedom in that?  And the only reason I wear my seat belt is 'cuz I don't want the ticket.

Click it or ticket.  There.  When I am a billionaire I will drive without a seat belt and they can ticket me all they want.

I still ride my bike without a helmet, when I ride.  I suppose technically, I still do have the freedom to say I'm not going to do it, bring on the ticket.  (note to universe: I really do not want tickets.  I enjoy a ticket free least the kind that don't get me into a sporting event or concert or movie or something like that I'd enjoy attending.)

Aaaaaaagggghhhhh!  Mind cuisine is meant to be a tasty dish and instead, this is starting to make my head hurt.

So....never mind!

I know!  You're probably thinking, "I wish I could.  Now it is too late."

Luckily we are eternal, divine beings (the truth of our energetic self), so we have the time to spare.

Insert some lovely elevator music here for the intermission.  And now... I was doing my yoga, I remembered my point: mental shorthand.  Yeah!

Still, a double edge sword.  Great that if you dress a certain way then people can assume certain things about you that you don't have to take the time to explain.  Yesterday, I was proudly wearing my Angels t-shirt and visor to show my support for our team (even though they lost).  So, you knew I must be an Angel fan (or it would be a fairly good clue) and might be happy to approach me knowing we could mention our love for the Angels and immediately have a rapport.  And yet, (and I do it too, although I am seeking to stop) according to my look (even my age for that matter) you may never spend the time to scratch the surface of what my "uniforms and badges" might give you a clue is who I am to understand that there is a really deep, creamy center that thinks all sorts of big thoughts.  Remember, I am a member of the "Big Think".

I'm not trying to change your beliefs or defend my ponderings (I am not even sure I made any sort of decision having pondered such things).  How do I really know?  And maybe that is the amazing thing about our Universe.  Actually, I thought that might be another one of the "Ultimate Mind F***'s we've ever perpetrated on our human race. What if we spend our lives on the hamster wheel trying to figure out and run the race with the hope of getting it "right" (whatever that means) ONLY to realize that it is impossible because in Divine Mind the concept of right and wrong doesn't exist.  It's good/right if you believe it is.  It's not if you believe it is.

If you have read this far, I hope that somehow with the last couple of paragraphs and remembering my point about all of this you now feel less like I have wasted your time.  Although, what if even that (the concept of being able to waste time) is just as much of a "Mind F***" as thinking we can get it right.  Not the sort of dessert one might expect at the end of a meal of fine cuisine.  Still, a tasty dish I hope, nonetheless.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Mind

I'm a member of the Big Think.  Did you know?  Do you care?  Did you know there is such a thing as the Big Think?  It's not quite as big a deal as it sounds since they don't pick you, you simply sign up.

Even though I don't believe one person knows everything or can know everything nor do I feel there is one definitive answer of how the Universe "works" YET...things like where do thoughts come from...stuff like that; as I was in the shower (a place where I do a lot of my BIGGEST thinking) it occurred to me that with the advent of the internet (including such awesome tools as YouTube and blogging) it may be less and less necessary to worry about remembering anything.  Post it to the internet and let it remember for you.  Okay, I say that in context of memories.  The same could be true for history or how to do things...stuff like that.  No need to know how until you want to know how.  Then if you want to simply do a google search and voila!

I then morphed into pondering how it seems to be the beginning of the blur of the line between space/time events.  I was thinking about what to me was the awesome find of some vidoes from Clapton's Crossroads Festival in 2004 that I found on YouTube.  Now it would have been amazing if I'd known about it then.  It would have been more amazing if I attended in person.  Yet, as I allow myself to get lost in the music and view the performance I can allow myself to imagine I am there for those moments.

To morph on these ponderings even further, it is as if I have access to someone else's memories in this way and with things I have posted on the internet, others have access to my memories and my thoughts (and some might say my ramblings).  And we don't have to travel a spacial distance to make this connection. nor do we have to be sure to meet at a specific point in time to share this connection and these thoughts or memories.

I simply put it out into the Universe at my convenience and you find it (when a vibrational match is sought by you) at yours.

And it almost makes me feel as if one ponders from this perspective that the line between what is in my mind and what is in yours becomes blurred to where the idea of one mind starts to seem plausible.

That, my friends, is your cuisine for your mind from mine for today.  I hope you find it to be a tasty dish.  Bon apetit!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ultimate Mind F***

I've already written twice about the Universal Law, the Right of Consciousness. 

The older I become in physical earth years the more I realize how much of the beliefs I've "bought" have been pure crap...pure fiction.

All of this has got me pondering then if the ultimate mind f*** is the illusion we "own" anything permanently.  Or if anyone does?  And would we really desire to anyway?

I'm just saying...I mean writing...

To refresh:
Right of Consciousness Knowledge: "While it appears external rules govern who owns what, the prevailing law is the Right of Consciousness.  I must love it, know I deserve it and hold a vision for healthy, joyful use of it. Then it comes to me easily.  When I am joined with something I truly deserve by my mental, emotional and spiritual alignment--it is mine by Universal Law.  No one can interfere.  Remember, I am under no laws but God's."  (This quote is from Alan Cohen's book, Relax Into Wealth.)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mind Eraser

Imagine if anytime you forgave someone or something, whether another or your self, what automatically happened as an aspect of forgiveness is that the memory/experience you were forgiving was erased from your mind?  How might our earthly experiences be different?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mel gets expunged!

Mel's is the news again.  I admit, my first response was "is it fair!?  Isn't that different justice for the rich?"

Here's the mind cuisine: "What if Mel did us a favor?"

Apparently, what allowed the judge to rule in favor of Mel's conviction being expunged is that it is one of our rules of justice.  Follow the rules of your punishment after your conviction. Then you can petition to have your conviction expunged.

Knowing that I can have a drunk driving conviction expunged might make you think that would change my mind about driving drunk.  For some it might.  For me no.  I don't want to go through any of it even if it means in the end having my conviction expunged is an option.

Plus, if we are to believe the media, Mel is serious about his Catholicism and faith.  He's also human.

I'm not catholic, but I do know their faith delegates judgment to God ONLY.  AND, that Catholics believe in confession, forgiveness and absolution.

As I pondered, first my reaction and then thinking about this on a larger scale from the perspective of the Universal Law of Right of Consciousness (see below for a definition of Right of Consciousness), it seemed perfect that Mel would basically seek and be granted absolution (even if it wasn't something that is already part of our justice system that anyone has the right to).  To me, it's what is right in Mel's consciousness.

Maybe the press will never forget and others may feel like they can continue to punish Mel by not going to his movies and the like, but if God can let it go and Mel can let it go...I have a feeling that in the big picture it will no longer be much of a factor in Mel's personal and private life.

Personally, I am more concerned with living my best life, which I feel has a lot to do with aligning my right of consciousness with what I believe Divine Consciousness is.  Since I believe Divine Love forgives, completely erases the "mis-take" and fills that void with Divine Love; then I forgive Mel.  Plus, if I can forgive Mel, I should be able to forgive me for my mistakes.

And we all know when push comes to shove, it's all about me anyway.  Are you laughing?  Laughing out loud?  I know.  You could have sworn it was all about you.  Can I get a "Mel who?"

Right of Consciousness Knowledge: "While it appears external rules govern who owns what, the prevailing law is the Right of Consciousness.  I must love it, know I deserve it and hold a vision for healthy, joyful use of it. Then it comes to me easily.  When I am joined with something I truly deserve by my mental, emotional and spiritual alignment--it is mine by Universal Law.  No one can interfere.  Remember, I am under no laws but God's."  (This quote is from Alan Cohen's book, Relax Into Wealth.)

I love how Mr. Cohen writes about it from the perspective of the positive and love.  The truth of this law is that you own what you believe and feel, positive or negative.  Personally, I believe Divine Love has no such judgments as positive or negative.  Now, that's some serious mind cuisine.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Waiting To Die

I'm a physical well-being snob.  What do I mean?  I feel as if I have come to terms with the truth about my physical body in the sense that if an "illness" shows up I consider it the final frontier.

What do I mean?  All cause starts first in our awareness...our personal consciousness, of which we are the Supreme Ruler of (even if in some areas we aren't very effective rulers).

So, if something shows up in my physical body and I want to catch it at its true Source in order to most effectively get it to leave (you know it didn't come to stay, it came to pass), I need to look to my beliefs and feelings.

Then someone was kind enough to remind me that as whole beings, our physical bodies must be considered as part of the equation.  Kapow!  I realized I was judging.  I was thrilled to advocate "self-help" when it came to thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  When it came to the physical body.  Not so much.

I can envision a future where we release our need for doctors and nurses and health insurance and the like because our awareness is on our truth as well-beings who possess physical bodies that were created to function perfectly (if we allowed them to).  So if something nasty came up in our physical body to temporarily throw it out of perfection, it is because something in our system needed to be loved and released.

That time isn't here yet.  So, I am going to make the effort not to judge 'cuz truth is if I know you and you feel sick, I am not at the point where I'd look at you and say, "No you are's all in your mind."  I'd want to help you with whatever means I felt I had to help you at the time.

I write this preamble to my actual topic, this postings "mind cuisine", for a reason.  I wonder if the current collective consciousness tends to sway us into believing we are all just waiting to die, especially once we reach that nebulous 40 to 50 physical years old age?

It's one thing if a doctor has diagnosed you with a terminal illness and you know you are dying and can make choices based on that knowledge.  It just seems like it is almost more cruel the way our society more subtely starts to impose this terminal illness diagnosis on us with our fascination and youth glorification.

Okay, I'll admit I didn't really think about these things when I was younger.  I was too busy enjoying being young.  Now that I have reached that nebulous age and still in many ways feel as young as I did when I was 22, I'm a little displeased with myself about certain ways I tend to behave based on feeling the need to "act my age".  Notice the word "act" implies being something other than who you  are.  I mean what if there had been no one before us telling us what the appropriate way to "act" our age is.  How would we "act" then? Anyway, this chica is ready to rebel and bring along all of those who are willing to break the belief chains that bind us.

Hell...I'm still waiting to decide what I wish to be when I grow up!  And why should we feel like we have to choose just one thing and it must define us forever?  When I graduated from high school over thirty years ago I couldn't have possibly predicted with my human consciousness that I would desire to be a professional blogger when I grow up.  Nor do I desire to lock myself into identifying my self as a professional blogger the rest of this physical life.  I reserve the right to change my identity as often and whenever the mood strikes me.

I reserve the right to wear what I want when I want.  I reserve the right to believe I can succeed at anything whether I'm fat or thin or big or small or white or black or 20 or 50, I think you get the drift.  I reserve the right to love what I love today and choose something else to love tomorrow.  There's only love anyway.  Love is always present.  Love is always ON.  If you are not seeing it or feeling it, it's 'cuz you aren't looking for it or connected to it.

So in all fairness, I am declaring to the universe via this blog post that I am not only done waiting to die...I am done waiting to live, especially according to what society dictates.  My right of consciousness (see the end of this blog for more explanation) is my wealth and my permission to create my life on my terms.  Besides, I could easily exist as a physical being for another 50 or more years.  Who knows what collective well-being consciousness will be by then allowing our bodies to remain seemingly forever young.

Who's with me?

"While it appears external rules govern who owns what, the prevailing law is the RIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS.  I MUST love it, know I deserve it and hold a vision for healthy, joyful use of it.  Then it comes to me easily.  When I am joined with something I truly deserve by my mental, emotional and spiritual alignment--it is mine by Universal Law.  No one can interfere.  Remember, I AM under no laws but God's."  This quote is from Alan Cohen's book Relax Into Wealth.